5M Icecream

We do ice cream. Our truck has been in the Grand valley now for 6 years. We cater to the young and the young at heart. Our ice cream truck is at fairs, festivals, sporting events, and private parties. The prices on the truck do not break the bank. We are priced at $.50 to $4.25. 
Book the ice cream truck for your next event please contact Alex at 970-361-6469
 Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/5MIcecream


$.50 - $1.25 Menu

Vanilla Cup, Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Cup, Sour Patch Popsicle, Jr Bomb Pop, and Mega Otter Pops

$1.50 Menu

Rainbow Bar, Rainbow Push-up and Fudge Bar

$2.75 Menu

 Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop, Original Bomb Pop, Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Orange Dream Bar, Oreo Bar, Vanilla Sandwich, and Neapolitan Sandwich

Mickey Mouse bar, Sponge Bob Face, M&M Cookie, Choco Taco, Snickers bar, Oreo Cookie, Oreo Cookie Cone, Triple Chocolate Cone, King Vanilla Cone, and Original Drumstick

$4.25 Menu

Vanilla Bar, Dibs, Tollhouse Cookie, and Magnum Bar